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Richard G Apel      apelwrites@att.net
9415 McNeil Dr., #316 Austin, TX 77850 817-939-0511

September 2012 to Present

  • Worked as player/coach, managing and writing
  • Wrote digital and social media work for Dell and U.S. Money Reserve
  • Served as acting Creative Director for Wheeler Advertising during new national account start-up with the largest RV dealership in North America—LazyDays
  • Promoted solar energy use at SunPower Corporation
  • Encouraged more investors to put their money into a Schlotzsky’s franchise by rewriting their corporate sit
Group Creative Director December 2006 to September 2012
AT&T, Southwest Airlines, University of Arkansas, University of Arkansas, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

  • Helped start the DRTV group for the AT&T account
  • Managed three to four creative teams at a time
  • Led the creative group in producing nearly 100 DRTV commercials in six years
  • Turned a multi-million dollar investment into a billion dollar revenue stream for AT&T
  • Program was so successful that even after AT&T merged with Bell South and Cingular, taking their brand business elsewhere, we kept the DRTV business at GSD&M
  • Brought in $6 Million to the agency annually
Targetbase Omnicom Group
VP • Creative Director February 1998 to December 2006
Southwest Airlines, P&G Multi-brands, Pampers,Campbell’s, Flavia, MovieBeam,Oral-B, Acura, TXU, Opti-Free Express, Legal Grounds Coffee, pampers.com, clerzplus.com

  • Managed up to eight creative teams at a time
  • Led the creative team on Acura Parts and service for seven years
  • Helped set up a Variable Digital Printing program that allowed dealers to customize each DM piece for each customer
  • Response rate jumped from 4.4% to more than 15%
  • More than 95% of Acura dealers paid to participate
  • Also was creative lead on The Rapid Rewards business for Southwest Airlines for eight years
  • Their main goal was to reach a 70% online booking rate for Rapid Reward Members in three years
  • Convinced them to jettison #10 envelopes for more creative and interactive direct mail, e-mail and Jet Bridge Posters
  • They reached the 70% goal a year early
The Lord Group Young & Rubicam
Senior Writer June1996 to January 1998
RadioShack, Sprint

  • Worked to change perception of RadioShack
  • Helped to “demystify” electronics through unique creative approach
  • Store image went from a place to go for small electronic stuff into an open resource to get answers to electronic questions
  • Helped RadioShack surpass the 7,000 retail location mark—second only to McDonalds at the time
Senior Writer September 1993 to June 1996
Texas Rangers Baseball, American Cancer Society, Panhandle Slim, Roto Rooter, Indian Creek Bingo

  • Helped turn a small, unknown agency not known for its creative into a “go-to” creative boutique for local businesses
BloomFCA! (now Publicis)
Copywriter August 1989 toMay1992
IronKids Bread, Carnation, Libby’s, TeamBank, MADD, Skaggs, Jewel Osco,Owens Restaurants, Partnership for a Drug Free America

  • First legitimate chance at national branding campaigns for broadcast, print and outdoor
Fellers & Gaddis
Copywriter February 1988 to November 1988
3M, Burlington Northern, Austin Lyric Opera, Alliance Bank, Pecan St. Lager, Junior League of Austin

  • First writing job out of school
  • Earned $5/hr, and I was glad to get it. “You want fries with that ad.”
The University of Texas Austin
August 1987 • BS in Creative Advertising
Studied under Dr. Leonard Ruben

Former Interests After Four Kids: Guitar, Film, Music, Baseball, Eating, Sleeping, Fishing and Egg Toss

After entering the “ad business” more than 27 years ago as a “general” copywriter, I’ve spent the last 15 years specializing in the integrated arena with an emphasis on CRM, Direct Response, and Social Media programs.

My creative philosophy is fairly simple. I have a passionate belief that if time allows, there should never be a shortage of concepting big ideas. And out of that group, there should be at least a few everyone can agree upon as “best solutions.”

My goal is always to generate creative work that not only achieves measureable results, but also builds the brand simultaneously. With the help of many brilliant collaborators, I’ve been fortunate to accomplish this in all media—including bathroom graffiti—wherever, whenever, or however the customer wants to be reached. And all for a variety of brands in various categories.

Since September of 2012, I've spent my time creative directing/writing on contract and doing digital work for: AdPeople for the Dell account, U.S. Money Reserve promoting gold and silver coins, Catalyst educating students/parents about dormitories, SunPower.com selling the best solar power systems in the world, and most recently for Schlotzsky’s convincing potential franchisees it’s the best investment in the fast casual dining category.

Before that and for the previous six years, I was the creative lead on the AT&T DRTV account at GSD&M, as well as supporting AARP, Hallmark, Southwest Airlines, Air Force, BMW and many other roster clients through general brand awareness, as well as integrated solutions, including digital.

In a few former lives, I’ve had the privilege to work on such clients as Honda/Acura, RadioShack, Campbell’s Soup, Carnation Worldwide, various P&G brands and many others. And yes, I can still remember receiving my B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas (Still a very apropos degree for this business).