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Key Switch Point Strategy

• Pampers knew their target, but not how to make them realize the benefit of their superior product.
• Target consumers were under intense competitive bombardment through advertising and aggressive pricing strategies.
• Pampers must continually restate and emphasize their brand’s value as the baby’s needs changed with age.

• Convince new Moms and Moms-to-be who have a preconceived notion of Pampers as good, but too expensive, or just too old-fashioned, that Pampers will meet their needs at every stage of a baby’s development.
• We discovered buying insights that revealed there are four clear transition (switch) points, based on a child’s development and Mom’s mindset, at which she considers switching brands.
• We married that knowledge to the newly-designed brand positioning and immersed consumers at the most effective touch points through a fully integrated direct mail, e-mail, e-newsletter, e-promotion and newly designed web sight enrollment campaign.
• Each touch point helped build an ongoing relationship with Moms throughout the growth of their child.

• Key switch point communications increased Pampers brand loyalty by more than 30%.
• Pampers.com is one of the most visited Web sites for Moms and Moms-to-be.