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Southwest Airlines
Rapid Rewards

• As the original low-fare leader, Southwest Airlines believed that communications from Rapid Rewards should look as cheap as their fares — e.g. carpet bombing with letters in #10 envelopes.
• To save on manpower and overhead, Southwest wanted to increase Rapid Rewards Member bookings online from 30 to 70%.

• Southwest Award travel is based on roundtrips, not miles. Fly 8 roundtrips, get one roundtrip free. So we recently overhauled the entire Rapid Rewards brand, creating the “World Without Miles” campaign.
• We jettisoned all #10 envelopes for better branded jet bridge posters, cost-efficient direct mail “shells,” self-mailers, e-promotions, alternative media, etc.

• Exceeded the 70% online booking transactions goal a year early.
• Reached a 17% increase in overall response rates.