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Acura Genuine Parts and Service

• Acura “Parts and Service” branding was a dog’s breakfast.
• Communications and messaging varied from dealership to dealership.
• Many loyal Acura owners are non-loyal for parts and service. They use a local mechanic instead of the dealership.
• Typical response rates for this group ranged from 2 to 4%.

• From the insight of how consumers relate to their cars, we created the “Man and Machine” campaign. (Basically, it’s like the relationship between a cowboy and his horse.)
• Additionally, we created an internal web site for dealers to pick and choose from this wide selection of customizable campaign pieces, all speaking with one branding voice.

• “Man and Machine” captured a 15% response rate.
• Payback per dollar spent: $90.93.
• More than 95% of Acura dealers pay to participate.
• Campaign is in its fifth year, maintaining the same results.